Dear Broadway Building Employees: 


Broadway Bakery will be offering specific breakfast and lunch items at a discounted cost to you. If you would like to order breakfast and lunch please place your order online before 5:00pm the day before for both breakfast and lunch. 


For breakfast we will be offering breakfast burritos with your choice of meat or veggies for $5.00. For lunch will be offering a half sandwich and salad for $5.00.


To place your order please click on the “order online tab” choose what you would like, and pay for it online.  We will not be accepting cash or other payment at the Bakery. And apologize but no special orders. 


Breakfast items that have been ordered and paid for the night before will be put out at 8:30am and lunch orders will be put out at 11:30am.  


Please place your order before 5:00pm the night before. Unfortunately, all orders placed after 5:00pm or day of cannot be made. 


Please view the video below demonstrating how to use our online ordering system. 


Thank you for continued support and business!